Virus Removal Hackettstown NJ

Virus Removal


Nowadays with all the virus and spyware threats which abund on the internet, our computers are susceptible to different types of malware.

Unfortunately, many users who ignore these threats fall victims of these vast numbers of malware, and the personal information as well as financial access to bank accounts and other services, can end up in the hands of the bad guys.


Not all anti-virus are good enough. And also there are virus and malware which disguise themselves as a real anti-virus, but are really infecting your computer, and  downloading and installing unsolicited malware, until is is too late.

We are living in times of Information Technology”.  

Everyday all the information of thousands of Social Networks users is exposed.

Many malware softwares expose all our information which becomes available at a price in the deep web.

ORV Computers backs up all your personal information, and reinstalls a brand new Operating System and takes preventive measures to avoid future infections.

User education is very important, to be aware of these  deceptive methods used to get your important information in the wrong hands.


ORV Computers LLC is commited to fixing all these problems while keeping all your personal information safe in an external disk while we take care of your infected system.


After everything is fixed your information is completely restored to your original harddrive or solid state drive.

Educating the regular computer user

The last step for the technician is to educate the regular user on how to avoid these phishing emails or websites and making sure they don ‘t download any unnecessary software that could be a virus desgized as a well known software.

Remember, the bad guys use different strategies and most of them look really genuine.

Virus and Spyware Removal

There are many types of virus and spyware.  And that ‘s a real threat.

Both types could be in your computer right now, working silently until it is too late and your operating system is completely hijacked.

Once our computer has been attacked, just removing the threat is not enough.  That ‘s why making sure your computer get a clean, brand new copy of Windows or Mac OS is very important. 

We can do all this work on site or at our lab.

You always decide.

We just have to let you know it can take up to 3 hours.



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