Upgrade Macbook disk Hackettstown NJ

Macbook Insufficient Disk Space ?


Are you tired of getting that annoying message:  Insufficient Disk Space ?


Unfortunately, Apple does not do a good job when it is about harddisk or solid state drive storage space.

It also happened to me and it was a very frustrating experience.

I installed a few applications and after a while when they needed to be updated, App Store showed that disgusting message.


Upgrade Macbook Disk

That ‘s when we come into play.

Say goodbye to that small 128GB apple disk and welcome our 500GB or 1TB solid state drive, where you ‘ll be able to stack lots and lots of information.

Get rid of all the frustration of not enough disk space, by getting our disk replacement – the path to your happiness and a faster Mac.

When you pay a good amount of money for a computer, you expect it to have enough space for all your personal information and the applications you need and are supposed to install in it.

That makes Apple Macbooks 128GB disks very impractical. How can you install all the software you need plus copy your documents, pictures, videos and more when your computer has insufficient space ?

Macbook insufficient disk space

Get honest prices much more affordable than the ones at the Apple Store.

We will back up all your personal information, before we replace your old small 128GB drive.  

All your information will be safe, stored in an external harddrive and then we ‘ll copy  your personal information to your new Solid State Drive.

Disclaimer:  We can not backup your third-party applications, the ones you downloaded and installed, unless they are on App Store, which you ‘ll be able to retrieve from your Apple Account.

This job takes about 2 to 3 hours, depending on encryption and requires a good internet connection. 

If your old disk is encrypted we will have to turn off FireVault, before we copy you personal information.

We can do this onsite or in our lab.  You make the choice.