NJ Computer Help near me NJ

NJ Computer Help near me


Tired of looking for a computer store ?

ORV COMPUTERS LLC goes to where you are.

We provide onsite PC  Help for Windows and Mac Computers.

Personalized Computer Help is on the way in NJ


Your Operating System is too slow, your applications load to slowly, or your Web Pages take too long to display ?

We back up your personal information and reinstall Microsoft Windows or Mac OS and all without you leaving your home or office.


Your display gets full of Pop-Ups ? Weird messages show up on your  screen ?


We fix all virus and malware problems and install security tools  so your PC is protected.

All preventive measures are taken, with specialized software as well as user education on how to avoid scams and spyware, which are the most common infections.

Providing Computer Help in New Jersey


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Fixing a  Computer means using different techniques.

It all depends on the PC problem.

It can be an Operating System problem with damaged important core files, what makes it really slow, creates errors when running applications or staring the machine.

Registries can be damaged or residual files of software installations and/or updates can cause this type of problems.

Those problemas, are software related.

And there are hardware problems, like a malfunction of a harddrive or solid state drive.

Also a power supply might be in bad shape not providing the motherboard with the right voltage or current.

Ram memory modules can be dead.

We diagnose all types of problems and get your PC back to a working state.

We are a reliable NJ Computer Help

Computer Help near me in New Jersey