Laptop Screen Repair Hackettstown NJ

Laptop Screen Repair


We can pick up your Laptop and bring it back with a brand new Screen in a few hours. 

Or we can do it on site.

Our clients can choose if they want their screen replaced on site or if we take it to our lab.

Everything is done thinking on your convenience and comfort.

Accidents happen and your Laptop Screen can get broken unexpectedly easy. 

We ‘re here to help and grant your peace of mind.

Get your screen replaced with a brand new one, by a certified computer technician.


Replace Laptop Screen in NJ


Laptop Screens come in a variety of flavors and colors, and no stock is unlimited.

Some screens will have to be ordered and could take a few business days to arrive.

We will let you know when we receive the replacement screen and proceed to pick your laptop at your convenience.

ORV Computers LLC only uses quality materials.  You can rest assured that your computer will have the best possible screen replacement.