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What are the features of a good computer ?

The most important is a good processor. ORV computers suggests Intel i7 for laptops, and Intel i9 for Desktops, especially for Gamers. 16GB of RAM memory is the minimum requirement for a fast computer,
A solid state drive (SSD) of at least 500GB" es a requirement to make sure all personal data is saved without issues, for a normal user.
1TB (terabyte) and up is suggested for graphics, audio or video professionals.

Que pasa si apago mi computadora desde el botón de Encendido/Apagado ?

Es una mala decisión
Si apagamos la computadora de forma forzada, tanto Microsoft Windows como Apple MacOS, luego de varias veces, nos darán un error la próxima vez que encendamos la computadora.
Y por lo general, eso significará un gasto de al menos $100 dólares por servicio técnico.

My computer gets too hot. What can I do ?

High temperatures are not good for electronic devices.
We suggest to download Core Temp which is a software that shows the user the temperature of the processor.
It shows a TJ Max option that is the max value tolerated by your computer processor. Mostly 100 C or 212 Fahrenheit.
If your getting a dangerous temperature, you must contact a technician to add a cooling system.
In case of a laptop, there 's only one option: a cooling pad.

What 's the regular price for a computer like this ?

Usually, the price of a good and fast computer , is around $600 and $900.
Any computer at a lower price will probably have an Intel i5 or similar AMD, and won 't be fast. Unless you 're purchasing a used computer.

What 's your opinion on ChromeBooks ?

On our opinion, Chromebooks are for kids or simple users who don 't require much processing power. Usually users who check e-mails, pay invoices online, check their bank accounts and no further han that.

Remember Chromebooks don 't accept installations of antivirus, Microsoft Office and the majority of production software.
These small an affordable computers have become very common in the last few years, mostly because of the price.
The other issue with Chromebooks, is : we can not fix physical issues. Most of the components are soldered and parts are hard to buy

What is the best Internet service ?

I love this question.

When we see the commercials of the cable company stating that they are faster than the fiber optics provider, we go crazy !"No Way"

It 's very simple, if we compare the internet industry to the automobile industry, cable internet is a regular car, while fiber optics, is a Ferrari
The fiber optic service is at least, twice as fast !

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