Download Windows Software
Download Ccleaner
The best optimizer for your disk
  • Cleans residual files from software installations, updates downloads, temporary internet files and much more.
  • Corrects errors of Microsoft Windows Registry
  • Corrects errors of System Files
  • Optimizes your computer and makes it faster.
The best free antivirus
  • Removes all virus and malware using the free version (manually)
  • If you run it once or twice a week, your computer will be free of virus and malware.
  • The free version does not run by itself, you have to execute it mannualy and you can know how to do it by watching the video, which brought your to this page.
  • If you access suspicious pages with free games, free movies, etc, when you finish, ALWAYS RUN MALWAREBYTES.
Download Night Owl HD CMS
  • Install software for Night Owl Cameras H264
Download Winrar
To open the Night Owl Installation File
  • Opens the file with extension .RAR and/or .ZIP which compresses other files to save on file size.
  • After downloading you have to install it.
Download Core Temp
Determine your Computer temperature
  • How to find your processor chip temperature.
  • With this software you will find out if you need to replace the cooling compound that is attached to your processor.
  • Excesive heat is the worst enemy of the components of a computer.
  • The ideal temperature is below 65 Celsius (149 Fahrenheit). Any number over 65C / 149F increases the odds of getting a malfunctioning computer.
If the temperatures on the left (Core #0 to Core #7) are over 65 C (149 Farenheit) we have a problem.
Speed Test
Find out what your Internet Speed is !
  • Know what is the true speed of your Internet Connection !
  • Find out if your Internet Service Provider is giving you what they promised.
  • If you think your cable provider gives you better internet than THE FIBER OPTICS PROVICER,is a big mistake.
  • Fiber Optics service is 3 or more times faster than Cable Internet.

free guide for windows  pc maintenance


This method will maintain  your Windows operating system with no issues.
We ‘ll teach you all the tricks the most experienced computer technicians use to keep computers performing well.