Your computer stopped working at the worst moment ?

Your computer stopped working at the worst moment ?

We fix all computer problems in the comfort of you Home or Office.

We know how frustrating it is when you take your computer to the repair store, and once you get it back, nothing looks like before.

Take advantage of the benefit of having the technician at your location at an affordable cost.

All your personal files like pics and documents are backed up before we start.

We fix your computer and , all your personal data is copied back to your computer.
It ‘s annoying to turn on your computer and realize, everything is different. We ‘ve experimented it ourselves. After all these bad experiences,  we learned the secrets and cracked the code to make everything work and look the way you expect it.
We ‘ve helped tens of clients like you. And we can do it for you too..

NJ Computer Help

Computers near me NJ

Our mission is to help individuals like you and small and mid-sized businesses get their computing devices back to work.
Installation of
Windows & Mac

A new installation of your Operating System is the best solution for serious issues.

Upgrading of RAM Memory and Harddrive

Let ‘s achieve optimal performance for your PC

Your computer faster

Your computer will work as never before

Onsite Service

We get to your Home or Office the date and time you choose.

Home computer help near me NJ

Give us a call and mention code CX20L to get a 20% discount on Windows or Mac  installations
I need help right away !

You deserve the best service


Get your idelal service

This repair method always has you in mind.

We take care of every detail so you can take care of your priorities.


Repairs in a short time

Your computer will be working at max capacity within 2 hours,  like nothing happened.


You schedule a repair service on our website and our technician will arrive at your convenience.

We work on your schedule !!

Computer help near me NJ


Home computer help near me NJ


reliable home computer help in New Jersey

Meet your dream Computer repair service

“Our Method” is :
Efficient, Reliable and  Personalized

(We go where you are)

Step 1: Check your computer.

After we check your device, we will show you a list of what the needs are and the cost.

Step 2: We explain briefly, the repair process

We let you know what is the best solution for the issue.

Step 3: Your computer ready at max performance.

Before we leave your location, you will use the computer to make sure everything works the way you expect it.

You ‘ll make sure your personal documents, pictures and all important files are where they should.

Computer Repair near me NJ

See what our clients say :

My computer suddenly turned on but never loades Windows.

ORV Computers LLC backed up my personal photos and reinstalled a new Windows 11.

Everything works perfectly.


Edith Leiton

Lucys LZ Cleaning Service LLC

I work with lots of customers and vehicles information. 

ORV Computers backs up all my information every week and makes sure all my computers are working fine and disks are in good shape.

For the last 2 years ORV has saved me from many headaques.


Miguel Acevedo

Morris County Quality Used Cars LLC
Dover NJ

My harddrive got broken.

ORV Computers installed a brand new and faster Solid State Drive.

No everything works better and faster than before.


Cristian Lopez

Bernardsville NJ

Are we the right IT support for you ?

If you can  answer Yes to any of the following questions, then we can help you !

If you answer yes to any of these questions we are not the right guys for you

Computers near me NJ

I need help right away !

Let ‘s take your computer to the next level

Computer Help near me NJ

NJ Computer Help

When in need of

computer help near me

, ORV Computers is the solution.

To get all this…

Why are we different ?

With Us
  • All the job is done at your location
  • Before we leave, everything works the way it is expected
  • The service is personalized with you in mind
  • Icons and personal files back in the right place
  • Our prices are lower than the big store
With Them
  • You have to take your computer to the store and pick it the next days or later
  • When you get home, the printer is not configured, you must reconnect your Wifi
  • Can 't find you Documents, Pictures and some applications dissapeared.

Computer repair services

typically include
hardware and software troubleshooting, virus and malware removal, system optimization, and data recovery
. Some services may also offer network and security services such as
network setup and configuration, firewall installation, and security assessments

Home Computer help near me in New Jersey

ORV Computers LLC offers a wide range of services including
hardware and software troubleshooting, virus and malware removal, system optimization, and data recovery
. They also offer network and security services such as network setup and configuration, firewall installation, and security assessments. We have certified technicians with the necessary skills and expertise to

repair and maintain computer systems

For businesses, ORV Computers LLC offers

on-site repair services

which can save time and minimize the disruption to their operations. We can get

your computing devices repaired at your location

. This service can be especially valuable for businesses that rely heavily on their computer systems and need to have them repaired as quickly as possible.

Computer Repair NJ

When it comes to

computer repair

, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced provider.
A good

computer help

service must

solve all types of computer problems

. Finding a

computer help service you can trust

is a must.
If you ‘re looking for

computer repair in New Jersey

you ‘ve arrived at the right place.
One of the best

NJ Computer Help

in the north of New Jersey
I need help right away !

free guide for windows  pc maintenance


This method will maintain  your Windows operating system with no issues.
We ‘ll teach you all the tricks the most experienced computer technicians use to keep computers performing well.